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I miss you guys far too much to be healthy.

I miss coming home everyday to a bunch of friends who I can just laugh and talk with, occasionally cry or get angry with.

I miss having an excuse to be distracted and not do my work.

I miss not having an actul life, because you guys filled in that void.

I don't understand what happened in these last months, and frankly, I don't want to. I know somethings don't last forever, and that it's kind of impossible to fix a gap once it starts to weave it's way in.

Now, every chat we have has no hope of surviving, we stopped Chat days, and we tend to get a bit angrier with ourselves than we used to.

But I need you guys now more than ever, and I hope I'm needed too.

So, if I can get some "Yeas" for reinstating Four Point Orgy's Saturday Chat Day, I would be very happy.

Because I miss you guys all lots.
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I desperately wish i could talk to you guys but I have no internet at home and as i'm on a different time zone I cant' get online when you lot are.
But i miss you.
We miss you too! Very much so.
Oui oui oui... I MISSITH TEH ORGY
Good devil, yes!
Yea! I say we reinstate FPO Chat Day and make it a point to talk to one another (email, AIM, etc) at least twice a week not counting chat days.