it's not god that hates us, it's jeff and britta. (endofhistory) wrote in fourpointorgy,
it's not god that hates us, it's jeff and britta.

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Okay so the thing is, some of you say you can't afford FPOmas. But really you can. Becuase you can always just send a card. Or make a mix CD. So Jen, Callie you are indeed doing FPOmas. Candy and I have spoken.

Also, everyone who can recieve gifts in them mail

Favourite band
Favourite colour
Pants size
Shirt size
Favourite movie
Favourite actor/actress
Place you'd really like to visit


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Favourite band - No Doubt/Billy Joel/Jewel
Favourite colour - purple
Pants size - misses size medium junior L
Shirt size - misses size medium junior XL
Favourite movie - LOTR
Favourite actor/actress - Elijah Wood
Place you'd really like to visit - England
Yeah, e-cards maybe.
You may not send gifts, but you are receiving them, Missy. At least from me. I already have yours. No arguing.

My gargoyle icon sticks its tongue out at you, and so do I. :OP
Favourite band: System of a down/guns n' roses/ Slayer.
Favourite colour: Blue and black
Pants size: UK 16
Shirt size: UK 14
Favourite movie: none.
Favourite actor/actress: none
Place you'd really like to visit: Vienna

and i collect fridge magnets.

I'm also really broke this year so i'm afraid it'll be cheap stuff from me :(
Cheap stuff is perfectly fine. If you only we can convince Callie and Jen to think the same.
It's not about cheap. It's about poor!
I'm poor too. We don't mind if we just get Christmas cards and only that.
Favourite band: Matchbox Twenty, Queen, Bon Jovi, 3 Doors Down

Favourite colour: Green, blue

Pants size: Depends on who makes them. Anywhere from 5 to 7.

Shirt size: Again, depends. Anywhere from 2 to 4.

Favourite movie: Love Actually, Cruel Intentions

Favourite actor/actress: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Place you'd really like to visit: Paris, London, Sofia and Burgass (Bulgaria).

And seconding the broke thing. Though I'll probably stretch my budget because I love you all and I like to spend money on my loved Orgyettes. Even if I am cheap most other times.
Favourite band: Barenaked Ladies, Orchestral stuff, Gaelic Storm
Favourite colour: Green. Blue. More Green.
Pants size: 10?
Shirt size: Medium?
Favourite movie: Uh....Elizabeth or Snatch currently.
Favourite actor/actress: Elijah Wood
Place you'd really like to visit: Does everywhere count? Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the East Coast, the West coast for that matter.